New Products (and more to come!)

I'm pleased to annouce two new products. 

First up is a fully functional plug-in replacement for the AY-3-8912 programmable sound chip - the AY-3-8912-AVR.

As well as fully emulating the original sound characteristics (check out the audio sample on the product page), this version also provides support for the 8 bit bidirectional IO port.

In the Sinclair 128K computers the IO port provides two serial ports, one for RS232 and the other for the exernal calculator keyboard. For the Amstrad CPC range of computers the IO port manages the keyboard and joystick so is absolutely essential!

Also available is a version (the AY-3-8912A-TS) which supports Turbo Sound for the Sinclair 128K computers. This provides a total of 6 channels of tone + 2 noise channels. The AY-3-8912A-TS has the same pinout as an original AY-3-8912A.

I'll have another couple of items to announce in the very near future (once I've received feedback from my field testers) specifically for the Amstrad CPC464/664/128. Keep tuned.

The AY-3-8912-AVR and AY-3-8912A-TS are available from today at


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