AY-3-8912 functional equivalent
AY-3-8912 functional equivalent

AY-3-8912 functional equivalent

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The AY-3-8912-AVR is a fully functional replacement (pin compatible - providing both programmable sound generator and IO) for the increasingly difficult to source AY-3-8912 sound chip.

Features include:

  • 3 channels of tone + noise 
  • Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port with built-in pullup resistors
  • Support for clock frequencies from 1MHz to 2MHz
  • Pin compatible with the AY-3-8912
  • Designed for Sinclair Spectrum(128K/+2/2A/2B/+3) and Amstrad (CPC range) computers
  • Output levels closely match the AY-3-8912
  • Frequency response equivalent to the AY-3-8912 

Check out the audio sample to hear how it sounds!

Also available for the Sinclair Spectrum(128K/+2/2A/2B/+3) range of computers is a Turbo-Sound version (the AY-3-8912A-TS) which provides 6 channels of tone + 2 channels of noise.  This is simply installed as a replacement for the existing AY-3-8912 and is compatible with software designed for a single PSG as well as programs that provide Turbo Sound audio.

Note: installation will require the removal of the existing AY-3-8912 (a socket for the replacement is recommended).




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