VR40007 - Amstrad CPC Gate Array replacement

VR40007 - Amstrad CPC Gate Array replacement

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The VR40007 is a modern plugin replacement for the Amstrad CPC 40007 Gate Array.

VR40007 Features include:

- Plugin replacement.
- Low profile 40 pin DIL footprint.
- Provides the same functionality as the original Amstrad 40007 GA.
- Tested with an extensive suite of Amstrad CPC software.
- Compatible with interfaces such as the Duke's M4 and Zaxon's DDI-4.
- Full 5V TTL IO interface.
- Low power consumption.

Whether you want to get a faulty Amstrad CPC back up and running, need a gate array replacement for a new clone, or just want to preserve your original 40007 then the VR40007 is exactly what you need.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to 'Gerald' of CPCWiki fame who reverse engineeered the 40007 Gate array in the first place and generously provided his findings to the CPC community. 

The VR40007 is one of several Gate Array/ULA replacements I have made for retro computer enthusiasts including the vLA81 for the Sinclair ZX81, vLA82 for the Sinclair Spectrum 48K, the vLA128 for the Sinclair Spectrum 128K (Toastrack) and +2 (Grey case) and the vLA1 for the Sinclair ZX Interface 1.

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