vMAP QL - flexible address mappping for your Sinclair  QL

vMAP QL - flexible address mappping for your Sinclair QL

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The vMapQL …

Can flexibly map both internal and external Microdrives to a wide range of address combinations allowing, for example, external Microdrives (or virtual drives) to appear as mdv1 or mdv2.

It is powered by the Microdrive bus and, apart from a relatively straight forward installation procedure, requires no changes to the QL hardware (check out the installation manual here). The device is configured by either a small standalone utility or by the toolkit that comes as standard with its companion device, the Microdrive hardware emulator, the vDriveQL .

Configuration changes are stored in non-volatile memory and are recalled whenever the QL is turned on. Any changes, including the current configuration at power-up, are also passed to the vDriveQL (if attached).

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