VR177X - WD1770/WD1772/VL1772 replacement

VR177X - WD1770/WD1772/VL1772 replacement

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The VR177X is a modern plugin replacement for the WD1770/WD1772/VL1772 floppy drive controller.

VR177X Features include:

- Plugin replacement.
- Low profile 28 pin DIL footprint.
- Provides the same functionality as the original WD1770/WD1772/VL1772.
- Auto switching between 8MHz and 16MHz operation.
- Full 5V TTL IO interface.
- Low power consumption.

The VR177X is one of several chip replacements I make for retro computer enthusiasts including the VR40007 and VR40010 for the Amstrad CPC, an AY-3-8912 replacement (including Turbo Sound model), the vLA81 for the Sinclair ZX81, the vLA82 for the Sinclair Spectrum 48K, the vLA128 for the Sinclair Spectrum 128K (Toastrack) and +2 (Grey case) and the vLA1 for the Sinclair ZX Interface 1.

Succesfully tested on the Atari STE, Spectrum MGT Disciple, PlusD, Opus Discovery, the Acorn Electron Advanced Plus 3, BBC variants. and the QL Sandy Disk. 

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